Participating year round in the Robotics program, requires students to commit to many individual and team projects, while balancing riogorous academics, family, and extra-curricular activities. For even the brightest students, longevity and committment to the demands of our program, is quite an accolade. Each graduating senior, who leaves our team, creates their own legacy while establishing life long memories and relationships. Every student makes a significant and measurable contribution to the growth and sustainability of our team, while gaining personal growth and important work-life skills.  Over 75% of all FIRST® alumni are currently working in a STEM field, either as a student, or professional.  

S.C.O.T.S. BOTS Alumni

2013 - Ultimate Ascent


Tim Jablonski

1 Year (2012-2013)

Team Co-founder

Driver (1 Year, 2012-2013)

Build Team

Works for the U.S. Navy

Christ Xiong

1 Year (2012-2013)

Team Co-founder

Team Captain (1 Year, 2012-2013)

Programmer & Business Relations

Studying Applied Engineering at Michigan State University

Works for the State of MI Dept. of Technology, Mgmt, & Budget


2014 - Aerial Assist

Alec Cody

1 Year (2013-2014)

Build Team & CAD Team

Studying Mechanical Engineering at Kettering University

Kayla Deisler

1 Year (2013-2014)

Drive Coach (1 Year, 2013-2014)

Build Team

Jacob Howe

1 Year (2013-2014)

 Build Team 

Nikki Nestor

3 Years on 3707 (2010-2013); 1 Year on 4776 (2013-2014)

Build Team

Works for the Michigan National Guard

Nikki Omerod

2 Years (2012-2014)

Team Co-founder

Build Team & Scout

Completed an Associate Degree from Ross Medical

Attending LCC/Transfer to Wayne State University

Studyng to become a Coroner

2015 Recycle Rush


Justin Williams

2 Years (2013-2015) 

Human Player (1 Year, 2013-2014) 


Studying Computer Science at Michigan Technological University

$11,500 in Accepted Scholarships

2016 - Stronghold

Adam Jablonski

4 Years (2012-2016)

Team Co-founder

Team Captain (3 Years, 2013-2016)

CAD, Electronics, & Build Team

Studying Electrical & Computer Engineering at Grand Valley State University

$78,000 in Accepted Scholarships

Austin Johanningsmeier

4 Years (2012-2016)

Team Co-founder

Operator (1 Year, 2012-2013)

Driver (1 Year, 2013-2014)

Electronics & Build Team

Studying Computer and Information Science at UM Dearborn

Austin Keppel

3 Years (2013-2016)

Driver (1 Year , 2015-2016)

Build Team

Studying Computer Engineering at Lake Superior State University

$5,000 in Accepted Scholarships

Nic Poma

1 Years (2015-2016)

Build Team 

Working in Skilled Trades/Industrial Technology

Domenic Portuesi

2 Years on 3536 (2012-2014); 2 Years on 4776 (2014-2016)

FIRST® Dean's List Nominee 2015

Operator (1 Year, 2014-2015) 

Lead Programmer

Studying Computer Science at Michigan Technological University

$26,850 in Accepted Scholarships

Andrew Werner

1 Year on 3707 (2012-2013); 1 Year on 4776 (2015-2016)

Safety Lead (1 Year, 2015-2016) 

Build Team

Studying Engineering at Kettering University

$18,000 in Accepted Scholarships