Our Mission


As ambassadors of FIRST®, our intention is to inspire others to become interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math,) while creating unique partnerships that will greatly impact our students, school, community, and eventually the world. 

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide unique student driven opportunities which encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, cultivate valuable partnerships, and impart life skills that motivate students to pursue a future in STEM related fields.  We strive to empower students to explore their passions and work independently to solve problems and make effective decisions.


Our Values

What does S.C.O.T.S. stand for?  Our core values are found within our unique name.


Service                     Commitment to serving school and community

Character                Building and promoting integrity, strength, and                                                                                 autonomy

Opportunity           Enriching experiences that foster leadership and                                                                              critical thinking

Teamwork               Unity and purpose in achieving mutual goals

Spirit                         Enthusiasm and passion for STEM and FIRST                                                                                      Robotics

Our History

The S.C.O.T.S. Bots were formed in late 2012 by a team of 7 students and 7 mentors, working at the GM Proving Grounds in Milford alongside Brighton's Team B.U.G. The 2013 FRC season, Ultimate Ascent, was our rookie year, where we competed at the Kettering Univeristy and Bedford District Competitions.

In 2014, we moved into the machine shop at Howell High School as a build site. We participated in the Center Line and Lansing District Events, as well as in our own District Competition, held for the first time in Livingston County  

With only three FIRST® seasons behind us, our team successfully hosted their third FIRST® Robotics Competition event at Parker Middle School, which attracted over 5,000 visitors and 40 high school robotics teams from all over Michigan.  In December 2015, we also hosted a dual FTC Competition, the first of its kind in Livingston County.  We ran two competition fields simultaneously and hosted 48 middle school teams from all over Southwest Michigan.  We have continued to host an FRC & FTC meet annually.  In 2016, we planned to host an FLL meet also, but it was subsequently cancelled by FIRST®  in MI.


At FIRST®, learning never stops building upon itself, starting at age 6 and continuing through age 18. The FIRST® progression of programs includes Junior FLL (Junior FIRST® Lego League) for Grades K-3, FLL (FIRST® Lego League) for Grades 3-5, FTC (FIRST® Tech Challenge) for Grades 6-8, and FRC (FIRST® Robotics Competition) for Grades 9-12.  FIRST® Programs, even at an early age, positively impact students throughout their education and even into careers.

Howell Highlander Robotics has fully funds and manages the progression of nine teams.  Our family of mentors, students, and coaches is comprised of an FRC team, S.C.O.T.S. Bots team #4776, two FTC teams; Team KAOS #8646 and Team KILTS #10538, and one FLL team; The Viking Bots #18881.  This year, our organization will grow by five, as we welcome three new FLL teams and tw Jr FLL teams; for a total of nine teams.

FIRST® Robotics Competition is about more than robots.  “It’s about the experience of people working together toward a mutual goal.”  FIRST® redefines “winning” by rewarding teams for achievements not necessarily gained on the field of play.  At the Howell District FRC 2016 Competition, S.C.O.T.S. Bots won a District Chairman’s Award.  The Chairman’s Award is the highest honor given to an FRC team, because it recognizes the team that best represents a model for other teams to emulate, and best embodies the purpose and goals of FIRST®.  Howell Highlander Robotics meets year round to accomplish our individual and team goals.  Because our goal is students leading other students, our teams inspire and motivate each other, by meeting together on Sundays.  This gives our high school students an opportunity to lead and mentor while helping to grow and nurture our feeder teams.


Ultimate Ascent   2013    Highest Rookie Seed

                                                 Rookie Inspiration Award

                                                 Rookie All-Star Award

Aerial Assist         2014      Spirit Award

Recycle Rush        2015     Excellence in Engineering​ Award

                                                 UL Hard Hat Safety Pin

Stronghold           2016      Entrepreneur Award

                                                 2 UL Hard Hat Safety Pin Awards

                                                 District Chairman's Award

                                                 MI State UL Industrial Safety Award

Steamworks        2017

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