Service. Character. Opportunity. Teamwork. Spirit
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Our Mission

Team 4776 S.C.O.T.S. Bots has a mission to spread the message of FIRST throughout the community. Since the beginning in 2014, we have given back to the community. We strive to spread STEM and in doing so, impact our world for the better. 

Award Winning

2020 Lincoln Chairman's Award 

2020 Safety Award

2019 Michigan State Championship Chairman's Award

2019 Lansing Winner

2019 Lansing Chairman's Award

2019 Entrepreneurship Award

Howell Highlander Robotics

Howell Highlander Robotics is the Howell Robotics Family. We currently consist of 33 teams and grow more every year! One FRC team, 4 FTC teams, ASK ABOUT PTHERS. Every School in the Howell Public Schools District has an advisor and workspace. We strive to give every student the opportunity to participate in FIRST

Find a Team in Howell Robotics

Kindergarten-3rd Grade

This is going to be a Jr. FLL Team! Capturing young curious minds through hands on scientific scenarios. 

4th- 5th Grade

This is going to be a FLL Team! Students will research a real world engineering scenario and develop a solution as well as compete with a Lego based robot their team designs!


Middle School (6th-8th Grade)

This is going to be our FTC Team! Students will design, build and program a robot to complete against other teams across the the state!


High School (9th- 12th Grade)

This is going to be our FRC Team! Students compete head to head in competitions with a robot we design, build and program!