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2022 Rapid React

Robot:  Scotty 9 (aka:Swissy)

Our first District event was at Gull Lake.  This robot had many challenges right out of the gate. We showed up to the competition and upon inspection, we learned that our robot weighed in at 171 lbs!  We needed to shave off 46 lbs before we could pass inspection!  We did this by removing some systems and drilling countless holes in our robot-thus giving it the nickname Swissy since it looked like Swiss Cheese!  Luckily at this event we earned the District Chairman's Award to qualify us for the State Championship.  

Our second District event was in Jackson.  We fought through many challenges at this event as well, but were picked by an alliance and won the event!

At the State Championship, we ended with Rank 37 on our field with a record of 3-9-0.  It was a great season!

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