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rock Steady

Two years ago, Team KRASH, one of our FTC teams, developed the Rock Steady project. As our KRASH members moved up to the S.C.O.T.S. Bots, we have taken on this project so it can be completed. Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) is an international program that helps regress the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease through the use of boxing and other cognitive and physical activities. After visiting our local dojo, Krash team members came up with an idea that would help regress the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease even more. We created a boxing bag that lights up in different places for the boxer to hit.  Think the Simon Says game, but on a boxing bag. Ohana Karate is very excited to receive our boxing bag, but we don’t just want to stop with our local dojo. We want to share our success beyond our city.  We plan to post the detailed list of materials and instructions for how we built and programmed our Rock Steady bag here and share our success with other teams at our competitions. We would love for all dojos to share in this project!  Contact us at if you want more details!!

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