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Robotics and School Spirit


For our Middle School's production of Beauty and the Beast, we created a remote controlled rose that could be operated off stage.  Magnets kept the petals on the rose as the play was being performed and the remote deactivate the magnets as needed.  The petals were able to fall as the Beast's deadline to find true love comes to close. The rose worked perfectly and it was a highlight of the season. 

S.C.O.T.S.Bots loves to show school spirit!  We built a t-shirt canon to launch shirts to our student section! 

When our school archery team came to us asking for a moving practice target so they can hone their skills, we said YES!  We built this robot that can be operated by remote and archers can practice hitting a moving target  Speed can be adjusted as well.  The archers LOVE it!

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